The best part of laundry is getting it done. The worst part is actually taking the time to put it in the hamper. Then it’s time for Tide and Downey and the washer and dryer, but nothing more than half a cup. Anything more than that and it will bubble over and nobody likes wasting water. Beware of bubble troubles. Otherwise, it’s springtime for the electric bill. Then what will become of the next mortgage payment? It’ll probably be late as usual.

Ladies, be careful not to put your bras in the dryer. Terrible things will happen. What those things are, nobody knows? Most likely, the fabric will shrink if it should meet that fate. Nothing is worse than close that have shrunk. Okay, maybe getting drunk is worse? The whirlwind sets in and the cycle goes faster and faster until everything is sent into a dizzy spell. The laundry couldn’t be cleaner, smelling lemon fresh as well. It’s the price we all pay for making sure we have clean clothes. Right!

What worse than foul smelling laundry? Nothing! It will fill up the house until the smoke alarm went off. Oh lord! Not again! One would have thought someone set the house on fire. What a completely weird coincidence. Nobody would have ever guessed. Be careful of what goes in and comes out. It comes back to bite hard.

The hardest task of all is to keep the laundry clean and making sure it gets done once a week in a full load. It’ll be worth when it does get done. Going a long time without doing it results in mold. Nobody likes mold, so why do it? Clean clothes are happy clothes. Smiling when they feel that way.

The best part of having clean clothes is the fact they smell like lemon and orange. Two of the best smells ever. It works. Waiting for another week to come around, it still starts to smell like cat food. Actually, cat food smells better and that’s not just the nose talking. It really does. How cool! Maybe?

There is absolutely one thing everyone should know. Never ever let a dog or a cat get a hold of the clothes. They will for sure rip them to shreds, running around the house like maniacs using them as a scratching post. Okay, so it’s mostly cats that do that, but I think the point is made. Might as well use it as a bathroom. Oh, and for the birds too.

Well the washing cycle has become quite repetitive hasn’t it? Those are the only ways that a good wash is going to happen and if it doesn’t, then try and try again, because practice makes perfect. That even applies to the cycle. The worst part about washing clothes is when a stain or stains don’t come out the first time and they have to be washed over and over again. How annoying right? Well, keep on washing away.