Make it Double


By: Alex Clarke

Prepare for trouble and step into the bubble, to protect the world from conformation, to unite all people within the basin. Blast off at the speed of light. Surrender now, or prepare for a long night. Two sugars, with no cream, make the chest feel calm and serene. Puff, Puff and Puff! But don’t Stuff! Or one might be, just a little bit buff. Who knows? All around the body, all around the plane, let it rain; feel the pain or someone just might go insane. Stuck in this whirlwind of life.

Waking Up! Shaking Up! Faking Up! Breaking Up! There will be NO making up of any kind. For if there is, might as well break out the invitations. Nobody is ever THAT foolish right? WRONG! One of the worst things that someone can do is take another hit when one is more than enough. Twice is the danger zone. So be on the lookout! The walls are harder than bricks and more harmful than fists. WOW! What a trip? This is like De Ja Vu all over again. The best of the best and the worst of the worst, there is always something to come first.

“The Pop” can happen at any time. It might as well be a crime. If not, what else is there? Nothing else can compare. Break the mold and forget the hype. Be the original type. Only one is one. What’s done can no longer be reversed and the pain is still there.

One’s not enough. Two is the dose to numb the body ALL over. Don’t think about it or an eruption will occur. Yeah Right! How can it NOT cross anyone’s mind? It’s the way it hits replay in the mind and nags, nags, nags. What a stupid drag! There’s no cure and there’s no hope. It’s just a whole lot of tears and dope. Nothing can cure this and nothing can save this. It’s possibly the worst feeling that can be felt. Drowsiness and headaches take over. Just once, can’t there be a sanctuary where there’s no noise or thoughts? Either up north or down south. The worst part is the engulfment process. The gurgling, the fear, the “pit of the stomach” EVERYTHING consumes and washes away anyone and everything in it’s path. The monster is on the warpath for sure.

Growling sounds are not far behind. Up, down, back, forth north, south, east, west, etc. The surprise will strike without warning. For when it does, BE READY! The blow will be so mind boggling so earth consuming it will make a light rain look like a hurricane. There is no other way to describe it. Out of control.

The aftermath is here. There’s no escape. The effects have just settled in. There’s no medicine? No pills, no food no anything. Guess the torture of reality will have to do. Just Great! What to do with that? No more lust or brain freeze melt.