Gee, I was Wrong!

By: Alexandra Clarke


I was wrong!

I was supposed to call you


I met you

On time

In the flesh


I forgot okay

You mentioned it

I brain farted out.

Sue me!


I dare not cross you

I dare not question you

I mostly certainly dare not “coax” you

Then again,

I didn’t ask,

You never told.


You bark,

You bite,

You dismember,

I back away,

Secretly wanting to swat you like a fly.


You change the subject,

Without grace,

In my space,

You’re getting in my face.


You said,

Give me your time

I just want to be with you

I believe you

Get it right

Don’t risk being dead meat

I will pick you apart


You’re wasting time

That means

I’ll have to get the police involved

Don’t make it an epic fail


I whisked myself away to be here

Gee, I was wrong!

You didn’t give me the number

Now I’m done!