The Grass


By: Alex Clarke

The lawn mower cuts like a knife and picks up most of its surroundings. The strips get thinner and thinner and there’s no one to pour miracle grow on them. Will they sprout flowers? Oh wait, they’re grass petals. They don’t get flowers. It’ll still be the most beautiful thing that will EVER be seen. Even the smallest things can breed big results. It’s all about the execution and the evolution. Which is all that matters. The grass is not always greener on the other side. The colors can one of the worst examples to follow, in which they can also be the color of jealously.

The weed whacker makes its mark and keeps going and going. Nothing seems to be there anymore. The worst part about it would be nothing at all. Making the waves and everything else. Sharks, Dolphins and Seals, OH MY! The predator/prey food chain takes over and there’s nothing that can be done about it. The chart of life has officially been set and whoever tries to disrupt that is now being punished. The monster unleashes its terrible wrath and makes everyone around it wish they had never been born.

The worst part about being on the bottom kicks in and the food chain becomes apparent. Somebody wins and somebody loses. The feeling is unavoidable. The pit of the stomach is chewed and the ulcer pulsates as kidney stones come to light. This calls for professional help. The doctor doesn’t seem to be in though? What to do? The nerves are trying to be controlled somehow. No use with nothing to lose and nothing to gain.

Eating vegetables is supposed to make for a happier and healthier life. When one is on top, they can pretty much eat anything they want. The consumption begins and takes over to the point of no destiny. Working the magic that comes from within, disregarding the outside that only lasts for so long. This will be the day for diversity to kick in and swallow everyone whole while making them think hard.

How to use a Lawn Mower 101: First: dig, dig, dig. Then plow, plow, and plow. As the blades stick up, they are ready for the cut. The action starts and everything is in position. Faster and faster it goes until there is nothing left but dirt. God made dirt and dirt won’t hurt. Yeah Right! That’s why stomach aches and appendectomies exist. Sure.

The final decision is approaching. The suspense is chilling and everyone is left wondering if they’ll be the one. As it’s hard to tell, the votes are casted with the anxiety still churning. One, two, three and four and the votes are in. Whoever has the gold star is the winner. The best of the best are picked and everyone else is left in the dust. The silver takes a very strong second, but nobody cares about that. Second place being overrated and everything. Better luck next time.


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