Cookie Crumble

By: Alexandra ClarkeCookie

The crumbs are scattered all over the floor and no one is there to clean them up. Nothing good is to come from that. The slips, the falls and the spilled milk will eventually make crumbs go bad. Carelessness and foolishness have become the way of the world. Nothing is achieved and everything is chaos. What the worst that could happen? Well maybe there would be no rules and boundaries and every ounce of public property would be considered the all around playpen. With chocolate chips, walnuts, and ice cream on top. They sound filling in theory, but watch out, because the cookies consume everyone and everything in their paths.

Along came the cookie monster with the appetite of a horse. Unless he gets that cookie, nobody is safe. The cookies are supposed to be free, but where is the fun? All business all the time means no one would be able to relax. It’s time someone took his or her own advice and did just that. Sounds easy enough right? Not exactly, because keeping a level head takes time, patience and concentration.

Reality is a drag. It’s mud sling after mud sling. Is there any fun left in the world? No, not really. Everything is ho-hum and the lower and middle class continue to get stomped on. Nothing is EVER going to change no matter how much one may try. Almost is never good enough. Unless one is pretty, stick thin or rich, they will NEVER get a break. In a sugarcoated world where everything is faked and nothing is real, one would feel like a gingerbread girl. Nothing tastes as sweet and everything is sour. Is there anyone that isn’t a jerk one would wonder? Hanging up the cap seems to be the only logical explanation.

2014 is on the horizon. A new year equals new drama. Expect another lousy year and expect another hurricane to brew. The storm is coming and there’s nothing that can be done about it. Boom Boom! Clap Clap! There goes the thunder. Next comes the lightening and then BOOM again! What’s to look forward to? Nothing! Everything is doom and gloom. Nothing will ever be the same again, the Holidays especially. Won’t be looking forward to them anymore. Just one bottomless pit of emptiness and there’s no getting out. Yet, there has to be some light at the end of the tunnel.

Everything is basically falling apart. Nothing is right and everything’s a mess. Not knowing how to clean it up. Get a mop or maybe a broom. Even that won’t be enough because the spill is too big. It’s like a glass of spoiled milk and crumbs for the mice to enjoy. The cat is also on the prowl too. Feeling the sting and the burn of corruption and soul sucking. There is no escape. No way to break the cycle. Someone has to. Who will it be? Nobody knows. This name can’t be ruined, not this life.



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