Polka Dots

By: Alex Clarke

When looks aren’t everything, what does one wear? One wears polka dots of course, when the spotted pants and shirts are the first choice before heading out the door. When one gets that itch that comes with Chicken Pox, polka dots are the name. Fashion and viruses take over in the same breath. Using them for a casual day. Someone’s getting kicked out, because of his or her polka dots. Taking that risk gets most people in trouble. Just as Defendant A. She’s the very definition of trouble.

Choosing red, green, yellow, whatever color comes to mind. Putting together a wardrobe that will surely impress. Making everybody stare. Being the talk of the town out and about with confidence. Making sure polka dots in a professional setting are avoided. As people get kicked, interviewers wonder why they would be a part of the human race. Better luck next time.

Doesn’t it just strike the nerves when nothing seems to match? No worries. Polka Dots go with everything. Oh No! Someone’s calling the Polka Dot Police. Putting together dots with stripes is criminal. What ever will happen? Take it up in fashion court. The judge always finds a way to be loose. In a way that makes people jealous. Defendant A makes her way into the courtroom. “Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, have you reached a verdict?” the judge exclaims. “We have your Honor!” the jury chimes in. “We find the defendant, GUILTY!” with her poker face, “Bailiff, take the defendant into custody and give them a change of clothes immediately.”

As the guards escort her to her holding cell, she came to a realization. “I can love stripes or flowers as much as I love polka dots. That wouldn’t take away any of my passion for it.” “Oh well! I’m still going to Fashion Jail anyway.” Even Fashion Jail has its downfall. Don’t be fooled! Everything is much more harsh when appearance is concerned. No one in a jail is truly concerned unless she is ready to start wearing the right fashions.

Has she really learned her lesson? Not really. The proof shows everyday. No getting away from it. If it can, how so? That for now remains the unanswered question. How to answer it? Just make sure it’s not too hard. As the rest comes naturally, the best parts are flourishing. Since when do the stupid “Fashion Police” dictate what people can and can’t wear? It’s their decision and nothing more. How cheap!

As the fashion trends come and go, polka dots continue to rise to the top, as the “retro” look never goes out of style. Something old always becomes something new and Defendant A is currently exercising it. She started wearing polka dots all the time and never imagined that she would ever get in trouble for it. Last time the constitution was written, it was put into affect that everyone has the freedom to wear anything they wanted. No exceptions!


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