Pace Maker

By: Alex Clarke

Under the chest, lies a vest of the beating. It’s as speedy as a woodpecker, but as accurate as a barometer. Measuring the continuum, over and over again, into the permanent range of the world, with a deadly scream and a deep submerge. Washing over the clots and back into the bones. The best and worst part, the waves and the drowning.

Wishing well, wishing no one will ever tell. Ticking and Tocking away! So Pennies? For the first thought that enters the heart?

Making that one part in life not seem so farfetched. The cholesterol and hard-boiled interior stir up a compelling need for the “procedure”, a new perspective on what captures the light and pushes the dark away and the hyperbaric chamber that relieves the gases and brings in the good energy.

By 2020, the robots will take over and the artificial stimulants will define what’s left of the universe. Machination Nation! Taking in the deletion of the human form and embracing the creation of a hardware store and the loss of internal organs.


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