The Walking Shmuck

By: Alex Clarke

On this earth, two groups roam: the “haves” and the “have-nots”. But by some miracle, that special someone managed to break the social barrier and be loved and accepted by all. That person was Alexis Winters. She knew nothing of rich, poor, young, old, intelligent and incompetent. Everything was peaceful and where she comes from, everyone got along and shared anything in sight. That’s the way life should be. Many unhappy things lurk around, but not Alexis. She is one tough cookie. She can stand tall through anything. Having trouble, problems and drama? Please! To her, it was the same as learning a new language. Taking it with a grain of salt, without having personal experience.

Alexis starts wondering to herself, “What’s the worst possible thing that could happen to me?” “I don’t have many friends and I end up being successful anyway, because I focused on my work and got the job done.” “Oh well!” It was time to move on. She would find people that will accept her in time. Just you wait. She’ll be swimming in accomplishments and it’s all because she has perseverance. Even her parents are impressed. Thumbs up!

The next step was for Alexis to make the biggest change she’s ever made in her life. She’s not exactly sure what that change will be, but she’ll figure it out. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” is her motto, as she lives it up and never settles. The right stuff comes along when she least expect it. As Alexis ponders her next move, she wonders if everyone truly accepts her, or if she’s just another charity case? She doesn’t have time to worry about it, because she’s not. She’s on top of the world. Surely!

Her brains, the beauty and the all around good nature triumph every time and she owns it very well. Confidence is the way to go. Getting though the internal and external pressure, Alexis remembers who loves her and who wants to use her. Feeling confident, she looks fear straight in the eye and goes, “YOU DON’T SCARE ME, EVER!”

Are you tired, blasted, filled with destruction? Not Alexis! She’s constantly filled with energy. Does it ever run out? Never. She finds a way to restore it everyday. Back and forth like a swing it rocks, she knows who she is. Naturally! That’s the best kind of natural there is. And while enjoying nature, Alexis wonders why anyone would tamper with such natural wonders?

To be blunt, Alexis is walking, cruising, bruising, trucking and owning it like a shmuck. If being who she is doesn’t earn her points, then so be it. She shouts it from the rooftop and every mountain high enough. As all the birds, bees, bats, raccoons and rabbits hear her, she becomes even more proud. Singing and dancing all she wants without a single care in the world, her parent must be very proud. Alexis kills it.


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