Cardiac Arrest

By: Alex Clarke


You’ve stolen everything,

We worked so hard,

You’ve nearly bled us dry,

Now we have nothing.

There’s no more function,

You’ve just caused Cardiac Arrest.


Our future is dark,

There is no light,

We had so many plans.

We are stuck in a bind,

We can’t get a rhythm,

There’s been some Cardiac Arrest.


There’s not enough epi in the world,

It can’t save us now.

We’ve been down for too long,

Look what you’ve done,

The adrenaline is gone.

The horror,

Of cardiac arrest.


We’ve called upon the Code,

No one’s answered our call.

You’ve hijacked our dreams,

Our spirits,

We no longer have it all.


The emptiness sets in,

As we take our final breath.

Nothing will ever be the same,

Now it’s our time of death.












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