The Chosen One

By: Alex Clarke

As the award is accepted, the worthy ones always stay true and correct what’s wrong as the jealously sets in, much so that one could mistake it for actual Jello for dessert. After all, who doesn’t like a bowl of Jello after a hard day’s work? Nobody that comes to mind or, there’s also ice cream, chocolate or anything else. Maybe someone should recommend a nice peanut butter cookie?

The stage is set for the ultimate showoff. Only the best of the best will succeed. Making sure there’s no doubt, the requirements are set, the models are ready and it’s go time. So many choices come to mind, yet nothing can be decided. Use “the finger” as some sort of scoring system. The use of a sheet is absolutely not permitted. Anyone caught will be sent to a detention facility immediately. No excuses.

The worst part about being invisible is being treated like trash. The paperboy might as well give everyone on the block a human paper. Standing on the curb from the outside looking in, the choice becomes hard. Give in or Rise above? At the end of the day, the “status quo” is a moot point, because the shining star is on the inside.

A firefighter saves lives by stopping a fire and a doctor re-starts a heart when it stops making heroes out of themselves everyday. Earning most of the crediting with hoses, needles and anything else needed to make sure people get the most out of the resources available to them. While getting awards for their time, patience and generosity, which equals quality service. Gold metals, certificates and everything ever other kind of award fills the shelves as these undeniable lifesavers receive the recognition that is needed and fulfilled dutifully.

With the best of the best and the worst of the worst, one gets the silver and one gets the gold. That’s the food chain in the pyramid of life. The shooting stars go shooting by and the sky is grayer than ever with no blue in sight. The forces, the winds and everything else will come to those who actually try his or her best. Feeling burnt out, the star has met its match. Closing the door confided to shade, the select few get that one shining moment in the sun. The fumes begin to burst and no one can tell if it’s a fire or a car engine gone wrong? It ends up being the sparks of jealously and resentment. The Green Eyed Monster it’s called, which strikes as the deadly head throbbing wish that equality would be offered to all. Which means, major headache alert.

The end of line equals the beginning of something spectacular. Something new is about to take place. Where different is the new norm, everyone has the chance to be who they are. No one person is above anyone else, the sky is now full, everything is bright leading the world to victory.


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