By: Alex Clarke

Learning to write is hard enough. There is at least one little kid dying to use his or her brain and discover. It’s usually the use of number two pencils and piece of paper that did the trick. Up until the invention of the scantron (a.k.a. the “bubble paper”) where it became a requirement. It always comes backs to the basic supplies though. The key is to make sure there is a full stock.

Quantity over Quality seems to be the motto these days. No Balance=No Value=No Public Education. The students get spoon fed like babies and chew on their pencils and get in trouble. As nothing seems to get accomplished, baby food becomes the daily diet as students start to become helpless. Some education system right! Yeah Right! Next thing you know, no one will know how to use the toilet at twelve and girls will start growing breasts at 3-years-old. Okay, that’s probably jumping the gun, but you get the picture. Age your age and get treated your age.

A pencil is as thick as the brain, using the functions before they go to waste. Then again, nobody uses pencils anymore. Homework and test are all computer generated. Artificial Intelligence kicks in, nothing but sugar, sunshine and rainbows. Not one little hint of reality. Some life that would turn out to be. Nothing would get done and nothing would get said. Meaning Education is a highly ridiculed big fat joke. Unfortunately.

Making the mark as the pencil hits the paper, confidence overshadows, there’s nothing that can’t be done. That was the old, now this is the new technology age typing away waiting weeks and weeks with anticipation of how it went. If education is the filling, then the students are nothing more than empty shell waiting to be stuffed like turkeys. Didn’t realize Public Education was Thanksgiving Day. It only comes once a year, but apparently there is a hidden excuse to have it all year round. That must be some gravy and cranberry sauce.

One day, someone will decide to do something about it, then Public Education will finally have order and everyone can finally have knowledge without feeling compelled to resort to Private School. Everyone is entitled to his or her destiny, as the sky is the limit for any student. All the lucky ducks eagerly spread their wings until they realize, “Oh wait! We can’t USE our wings.” It’s amazing the effect that can happen when there’s no pencil in sight. Meaning sharpened tips equal sharpened minds.

There is definitely still a long road ahead. Students continue down the A, B, and C Path hoping eventually they will find their “Wizard of Oz” at the end of the “Yellow Brick Road”. The difference between Dorothy and a student, they don’t have any munchkins or Good Witch of the North to guide them. They find their own way by using their own resources and firepower. The students keep going, while everything stays the same.


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