“Hit the Breaks!”

By: Alex Clarke

It’s full on collision on Friday, January 23, 2015 as an L-Taraval train and a vehicle go head-to-head involving the driver and a child passenger according to muni officials. The collision was reported shortly before 4:30 p.m. According to the police, it derailed a light-rail vehicle on Ulloa Street at 14th Avenue and West Portal. The tracks have been cleared since then.


The driver and the 9-year-old child passenger were transported to San Francisco General Hospital. Both sustained serious, but non-life threatening injuries and hey are expected to survive. No muni passengers were injured and no fatalities were reported and no word on how much damage was done to both vehicles involved. No word on how bad the light-rail was affected or if it ever went back up and running.


The L-Taraval trains were switching back at Taraval Street at 22nd Avenue and at 19th Avenue and Holloway Street during the accident. The bus shuttles were in place. Nothing further has been reported regarding what could have caused the collision. We have reached out to muni officials, the driver and the 9-year-old passenger, but no one was available for comment at the time.




For any reason, if you, or anyone else has reason to suspect this was not an accident, please do not hesitate to file an anonymous complaint with the muni officials.


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