Brain Food

By: Alex Clarke

The worst part about starting any day is getting through it without any stimulation. The best way to ignite that stimulation, eat an apple, banana or eggs and toast. They won’t ever disappoint. If they do, stick with hash browns. Then come the eggs and then the toast. The list goes on and on ending with yogurt. Next come the pancakes and waffles.

The best part about making brain food is eating it. It gives energy to help with focus and determination. Then the day can start. It can be anything and everything. Choosing is definitely the best part. Once it’s done, it’s done, the end of the process. It shouldn’t matter how long it takes as long as it gets done. The short journey soon becomes the long destination with brain food. Keep going like the Energizer Bunny.

Soup, chicken, cereal and everything breakfast; lunch and dinner will be at anyone’s service. Getting there in time is always the hard part, because food goes fast. Enjoying the food is always the best part. If the food is enjoyed, then everyone and everything can function. The sound of the body being fueled and recharged takes over, there’s nothing that can’t be accomplished.

Without science explaining the phenomenon behind brain, it absorbs the food and the databank behind saves the files and stores them forever until the next time it needs to be fueled, like a baby that needs to be feed every 2 hours. It also needs to be changed every 5 minutes. Well, not really. The brain being so delicate and everything is also being nourished with the right information. No everyday fluff, but the kind of information that will carry on for life such as being informed about the world. When that happens, amazing results come to light and bring a big surprise. The things that couldn’t previously be tackled are now being faced straight in the eye. That’s the magic of brain food.

Sometimes, some of the best ideas come from brain food because they influence the conscience in a positive way, with the stars being unlimited and everything. Then the galaxy has received plenty of citizens that reach their full potential, then off onto the path. Brain food will lead the way. It will show the difference between short cuts and the road to everything. The choices are made very carefully.

Eating small snacks throughout the day, work is waiting to be accomplished, by breaking out the pen, pencil and paper while the brain is on fire. Making time for work and making sure the brain never shuts down. The mind never rests. It always has something to say. While telling the body what to do, the body gets up and looks for eggs and toast. Obviously!

The blood sugar is the most important part of brain food. It gets fed when the brain food hits. The focus increases, more gets done get closer to the end goal. Nothing else matters.


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