San Frisky Frisco

By: Alex Clarke

Everyone and everything is all about touch. Where people smell of no sleep and late night cravings. So what about this place makes it SOOOO appealing? All everybody does is rush and rush and harassment is the culture. “Gotta have it NOW!” “Gotta have it NOW!” the people always shout. Why is it never, “No Please? Take your time.” The constant demands and up all night grumpy attitudes. At least that’s what the critics will say. Then the trains, the buses and all the seafood that can be humanly tolerated make their mark. So how’s that stomachache? So far it’s not selling? What have you done lately? Besides pollute our society and reel in the fish with a catchy hook. Good for picture frames and a hearty dinner. That’s never good for the fish. Blowing Bubbles. Here’s wishing for a way to drown out the blast of constant grumbles, groans and tongue-lashings. Whip it good. NOT!

Still not seeing the appeal? Well then! It just might take some convincing and some heavy-duty charm to make it so, the booze, Ben & Jerry’s and so much more and Fisherman’s Wharf for a view. China Town and Alcatraz are the places to see and there isn’t a better place to be. Which is it?

The roller coaster of life has now become the mighty maze. Feeling like a lab rat, the urge to scurry takes over and all sense of direction is lost. Going nowhere fast, trying to keep up with the pace. Can’t believe people actually enter this race. Not everybody is that efficient and not everybody can “follow the leader”. It’s just not fair. What about being different? And what about “breaking the mold”? Well, so much for that. It takes a pretty shallow way of thinking to taint what is supposed to be the greatest city in the country. What an outrage! If the advertisements are the pacifiers, then the citizens are the suckers. Some life! BOR-ING!!!! L F.U.N. (Friendship, University and Never-ending- land) all describe the city. Some advertisement! Feeling duped, hoodwinked and punched right in the noggin. Ugh!

There’s one more thing that has to be said. The offices are so small they could pass for everyday closets. How can a simple pair of shoes even fit? Do the hokey pokey and move them all about. They’ll fit, as long as punches aren’t thrown.

On the muni, heated words are exchanged. So heated, a fire could have broken out. Having to break it up? Don’t get burned. That is one scar that won’t go away. Oh the humanity! Don’t these people come with mute buttons? If not, there should be a hole for passengers that want quiet. The sirens! OH! The sirens! That’s enough to make anyone nuttier than a squirrel. Time to go to bed now. The endless days and sleepless nice have taken their toll. There will be no more rest and no more chicken. Okay, now go explore!


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