“Cracking Up!”

By: Alex Clarke

Duck and Cover! An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.43 has cracked up Central California right now on Tuesday, January 20, 2015 around 13: 21:36 UTC. 05: 21: 37 near epicenter and 5:21:36 standard in your time zone. The location is reported to be 36.434 North and 120.971 West, with a depth of 9 kilometers.


The distances were: 27 km (16 mi) ENE of Greenfield, California; 28 km (17 mi) NNE of King City, California; 31 km (19 mi) E of Soledad, California; 60 km (37 mi) SE of Hollister, California and 242 km (150 mi) S of Sacramento, California. The parameters were: Nph = 80; Dmin = 4.9 km; Rmss = 0.10 seconds; Gp = 58∞. The exact location is unknown at this time.


In other news, it is now being reported that the magnitude temblor of 2.8 struck just now outside the town of Yountville in the Napa Valley. At least two people are reporting hearing a loud bang. There are no reports of damage, but one woman is now calling KPIX to say a few pictures had just been knocked off her wall. Nothing has been reported about this specific quake trigging a tsunami.


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